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Food & Beverage Industry Water Treatment System

We provide a comprehensive range of water and wastewater treatment equipment and solutions for food and beverage industry. From filtration and softening, to membrane separation and disinfection, our water treatment process covers every step. Our wastewater treatment technologies include chemical, physical, and biological recycling methods, providing you with everything you need to achieve regulatory compliance, minimized waste and reduced BOD levels.

We design, build and install complete water and wastewater systems according to your requirements. Whether you need high quality water or wastewater treatment system, we can deliver a cost-effective, tailor-made solution that will go beyond your expectations.

Common Applications
• CIP/Clean-up Water
• Canning
• Boiler Feed
• Cooling Water
• Ingredient Purification
• Rinse Water
• Brewing
• Process Water
• Carcass Washing
• Implement Sterilization
• Mixing & Dosing
• Meat Packing
• Soft Drinks
• Bottled Water
• Wine & Spirits
• Juices
• Recycling
• Wastewater
• Soups/Sauces
• Dairy
• Baked Goods

Our Products and Services Include
• Media Filtration
• Demineralizers
• Softening
• Ultraviolet Disinfection
• Ozone Solutions
• Process Control/Automation Solutions
• Remote Monitoring
• Upgrades & Retrofits
• Process Evaluation & Optimization Services
• Preventative Maintenance
• Aftermarket Parts
• On-site Troubleshooting & Repair
• Laboratory Water Services

Recommended Process
1. Raw Water→Sand Filter→Activated Carbon Filter→Cartridge Filter→RO System→Ozone Sterilization→Product Outlet Water
2. Raw Water→Sand Filter→Activated Carbon Filter→Cartridge Filter→1st Pass RO System→2nd Pass RO System→Ozone Sterilization→Product Outlet Water
3. Raw Water→Cartridge Filter→Cartridge Filter→Ozone Sterilization→Product Outlet Water